GUEST BOOK REVIEW by Ruthann Jagge: The Mayor of Halloween Is Missing

The Mayor of Halloween Is Missing

By: Emily S. Sullivan
Illustrations: Cat Scully

Genre: Children, Horror, Halloween
Publisher: Cemetery Gates Media
Publication Date: 10.1.2021
Pages: 41

The Mayor of Halloween is Missing! is an illustrated story book for ages 6-9 from debut author Emily S. Sullivan and artist Cat Scully. It is the story of three children who go on a quest on Halloween Night in order to find their missing mayor and save trick-or-treating.

Mayor Fatz has been gone for days and there are few clues to his whereabouts. He holds the missing key to the Holiday Room at Village Hall, where he is tasked with initiating the night’s festivities. Friends Charlotte, Jackson, and Charlie must follow the clues scattered throughout their small town and overcome their fears if they want to find Mayor Fatz and preserve their Halloween traditions.

This is an absolutely charming children’s book, beautifully illustrated by Cat Scully.

Mayor Fatz is missing!

He’s the spirit of every occasion in the little village named “Holliday” and goes way out of his way to make sure that every celebration is special. He’s known for his memorable costumes, and attention to detail, so everyone can enjoy special days to the fullest.

When he goes missing right before the big Halloween events, a group of students who are eager for the festivities, use their wits and friendship to discover what happened to the Mayor of Halloween!

I’d read this to any young one capable of understanding the words, and it would be great for an early reader who can sound them out by sight.

There’s nothing “scary” or questionable in the story, rather it defines bravery, empathy, and how children often understand more than adults give them credit for. The kids use critical thinking to follow a series of clues, eventually finding their beloved mayor. All is well, and the ending is cheerful and upbeat! The illustrations are colorful, and “classic Halloween” in nature, and they add a lot of character to the story.

It’s a gem of a children’s book suitable for reading year-round, and long enough to spread out over a couple of bedtimes.

Boo-graphy: Ruthann grew up in Upstate New York, where October is magical. She writes dark speculative and horror fiction. Her work is published in numerous successful anthologies. Solo and collaboration projects will feature in 2022 and 2023. Extensive travel, superstition, and backyard boogeymen influence her characters and settings. She lives on a cattle ranch in Texas with her husband and his animals. A large, blended family keeps her sane most of the time.

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