Priest Hole

I have always found the idea of a priest hole very interesting. It’s basically a hidden room (hidden room!) that was used to hide visiting priests from searches during a time in England, Ireland, and Wales when Catholics were persecuted. When they redo old houses, a lot of times they find these small rooms (or sometimes large ones) hidden in walls, behind wainscoting, or even under floors. Can you imagine being persecuted for what you believe in and having to hide from people who could and would put you to death for those beliefs?

Adding a Priest Hole to this blog makes a lot of sense and, seeing how my life has been changing and moving lately, the perfect next room to add to my House of Books.

I have always been interested in books on religion, specifically Catholicism. Being a Catholic is a large part of my life, but something I have always felt like I needed to hide because of a fear of judgment based on my beliefs. When I started The Gal in the Blue Mask, and then when I moved here, I had to decide what was more important – not offending people or sharing all of me. I chose to hide that part of me from people, and even went so far as not including them in my public reading goals.

As this blog has transitioned, gotten larger, and even spent some time forgotten, I had to go back and really look at what mattered to me. And I had to remind myself of those first few months of The Gal where one view over one meant everything.

So… welcome to MY Priests Hole… where I am no longer hiding. If you are interested in these books, or have read any of them, we should talk.