My Humble Abode

The day that I decided on the name of this blog, I woke up in the middle of the night with true inspiration. It was around 3am that I, half asleep, started quickly jotting down every idea that came to my head on a sticky pad I keep on my bedside table for just such moments. Page after page, idea after idea, each one leading to another. Main ideas, side ideas, future ideas. It was like the block that I had been dealing with for so long had finally shifted, and the ideas flowed like water from a busted dam.

If this is to TRULY be a House of Books, then it wouldn’t just be filled with books, but rooms full of books. Each room having a purpose, each room a showcase of the things that this blog would be providing.

As you scroll down this page, you will find different rooms, and a description below each of what is happening in that room. Feel free to walk around, explore – no door is locked to you, my guests.

Make sure that you come back often because THIS is just the beginning, and I’m starting out with a rather small home. It makes sense, don’t you think? Who wants to walk around rooms that have nothing in them? So, as the days pass, as the blog grows bigger, my House of Books will grow bigger, and new rooms will be added. And not just rooms. Gardens outside, a nice lanai for parties… You never know what the future holds for Meghan’s House of Books.

Priest Hole

I have always found the idea of a priest hole very interesting. It’s basically a hidden room (hidden room!) that was used to hide visiting priests from searches during a time in England, Ireland, and Wales when Catholics were persecuted. When they redo old houses, a lot of times they find these small rooms (or… Continue reading Priest Hole


The perfect place to have a party


The Gal in the Blue Mask