Before Meghan’s House of Books, there was The Gal in the Blue Mask. This is the evolution of what that was, and that was the path that led me here.

I learned a lot from my experiences running that blog – some good, some bad – and even though I am always evolving, always working to create something better, something more, I will never forget the fun that I had over the seven years that I was The Gal.

I had considered deleting it, now that I have moved on, but I just couldn’t. It is too much a part of me to remove it from my history. That is not an ending, even though this is a new beginning. So instead, I have chosen to “move” it to my attic, to place it delicately in a box where I can come and look at it, reminisce, and be reminded of the happiness (and sadness) that I felt over those seven years, the friendships that I made (and the ones lost), and enjoy all over again the many adventures that made me who I am now and brought me to this point.

If you are interested in taking a stroll through what was before this, feel free to follow the link below.

The Gal in the Blue Mask