AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Cass Kay & Poppy Minnix

Meghan: Today we welcome Cass and Poppy to the blog. They have chosen, as podcasters tend to do, to record their answers to the interview. I do hope you enjoy. Ladies, take it away…

Punch Keys is a podcast offering writer support to keep you punching those keys! Novelists Cass Kay and Poppy Minnix chat over their triumphs and blunders of novel writing, writer tribes, navigating the industry, and embracing the voices that keep them up at night. Expect blunt, real talk about writing, why it can be so challenging, but also why punching the keys is worth every word.

Magic, zombies, and leprechauns: any of the three will get Cass’ attention. She’s a dark urban fantasy writer who loves to pull from history, blend in the weird, and sprinkle in deeper relationships of all flavors. Every writer has an arch nemesis and hers is plotting with spreadsheets, they’re the quickest way to send her running.

Cass started her writing career as a journalist in college who moonlighted as a stage actress. Now at home with her husband, two boys, and dog, she’s discovered fiction novel writing combines her two loves–the written word and creating characters.

When not staring at a computer screen, she’s often in the garden planting bulbs, has her nose in a book, or is watching Smallville with her family.

Poppy Minnix is a paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and sci-fi author. Her debut novel, My Song’s Curse, publishing under City Owl Press, won the Paranormal Romance category in the Toronto RWA chapter’s The Catherine Contest in 2018.

Before her fall into an utter obsession with writing, she was a conference manager and also dabbled in veterinary science, corporate sales, waitressing, and was captain of a roller derby team.

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