Halloween Extravaganza 2021

There was an old witch, believe it if you can
She tapped on the windows, and she ran, ran, ran
She ran helter skelter with her toes in the air
Cornstalks flying from the old witch’s hair

Swish goes the broomstick, meow goes the cat
Plop goes the hop-toad sitting on her hat
“Whee,” chuckled I, “What fun, what fun!”
Halloween night when the witches run

Rattle go the skeletons, running down the lane
And a spooky tree taps the window pane
“Whee,” chuckled I, “What fun, what fun!”
Halloween night when the witches run

Jangle of the rusty chains, the monster drags along
And bats go screech for their Halloween song
“Whee,” chuckled I, “What fun, what fun!”
Halloween night when the witches run

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been waiting all year for this day. Having not done the Halloween Extravaganza last year, I felt like I really needed this, and from the reactions I’ve gotten so far, I can guess that I wasn’t the only one.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently.

I added some additional ways for authors to participate and created an interview specifically for this year’s event. (I’m very excited about the interview AND a huge thanks to the readers who sent me over questions for that.)

There’s also a Facebook group where we’ll be participating in other frivolities, so if you haven’t joined, you really should! Trivia and giveaways and links, oh my. Stop on by and say hello. In the end, those who joined in the shenanigans will have their name added to the Halloween bowl and maybe, just maybe your name will be drawn for an Amazon gift card (runner up will get a set of Halloween bookmarks – who doesn’t love bookmarks?).

Let’s see how long we can celebrate Halloween.

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