Christmas Takeover 16: Steve Thompson: ‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

A Story by Steven Thompson
220 words

“Did you call that number I gave you?” Ted asked

“Yea, the damn line’s been busy all day.”

“Well I suppose, ’tis the season and all that crap, but they are the best at what they do. Keep trying.”

“Yea, yea I will,” John said, “but are you sure they can help me with this?”

“Look, they’re fantastic, and will advise you how to do it right the first time, and if you don’t think you can pull it off on your own, they’re more than happy to come and assist you.”

John reached for his phone and dialed the number again.

“It’s ringing.”

I’m sorry, due to a higher than normal volume of calls all our agents are busy. Please remain on the line and an agent will be with you shortly. The annoying robotic voice squaked at John.

“It’s a recording, I’m on hold.”

“Stay on the line, you don’t want to lose your spot in the queue.”

John laid the phone down and put it on speaker and Burl Ives sounding like he was stuck in a tin can began singing Holly Jolly Christmas.

“Can’t you help me with this Ted?”

“I can’t, you know that. They have a license for this and I don’t.”

It’s a holly jolly Chris…

“It’s ringing again.”

“Merry Christmas, Suicide Hotline.”

Steve Thompson is the author of two short and flash fiction collections. You can check out his 2 latest short stories “Kill Point Club” in the anthology When the Clock Strikes 13 from his In Your Face Publishing that he started in June 2019 and “Malignant” which he co-wrote with Kenneth W. Cain which is in the Shallow Waters 2 flash fiction anthology by Crystal Lake Publishing.