SHORT STORY: The Tale of the Halloween Candy Goblin by Chris Garrett

I have several young ones that read my blog and email me often to talk books with me. I knew I could count on Chris to write the perfect *scary* story for around the campfire, one those kids would love.

The Tale of the Halloween Candy Goblin

Have you ever felt cheated on the greatest candy holiday of the year? I mean, let’s be honest. We work hard on Halloween. Am I right?! Every year we wear those hot costumes with mask we can barely see out of, and walk for what seems to be miles. In hopes to fill our bags and buckets on All Hallows Eve!! All that work … and for absolutely nothing. But only to wake up the next morning to find all the good candy eaten by your parents!

But! What if I told you that it’s not your parents that eat all your good candy. It’s not even your annoying little brother or sister. But creatures that have been around since the beginning of All Hallows Eve!

For hundreds of years, fruit gobbers have been roaming the earth. They are goblins who thrive and feast off the sweetest foods the world has to offer, shape shifting and changing into people and objects just long enough to eat and run! Families would find all their fruit eaten over night and point blame on their children.

But over time the world has become more complex and fruit was getting to be a harder food resource to find without exposing their existence. Until……..they discovered candy. Humans that would catch glances of these creatures began calling them “Candy Goblins “. Candy was made by the masses and is in almost every household. Even with candy being so accessible, the candy goblins still we’re putting there selves at risk on a regular basis more then they should.

They had to create a plan to collect the most candy in the shortest amount time to last them for a while. That’s when they discovered the one day out of the year that Children would go door to door dressed in costume and in exchange would receive candy by the bag fulls. Halloween, was the perfect day for their plan.

Now you’re probably thinking “What does candy goblins look like on Halloween night and how do they get away with taking so much candy!?” Ok! I got you! So here is what I’ve heard.

A little bit after the first hour of Trick Or Treating, they like to come out of hiding and blend with the crowd. Candy goblins are small, conservative creatures and usually don’t speak English. They can’t go door to door. So if you see a kid wearing a generic worn out monster costume with an empty candy bag, tread carefully. They will follow the kids with the most collected candy all the way to their house.

As the children make the way inside their home, the Candy Goblins drop their costumes and slip into the house before they shut the door quickly and shape shift into an item to hide out in.

After the parents have checked the candy and everyone is asleep. The Candy Goblins Dive into the candy buckets and sacs with an all night celebration. They have exquisite taste and collect all the good candy only leaving leftovers. Lots of off brand sugar that no kid wants. And when it’s time, they make their escape as soon as mom and dad leave for work.

So how do we stop Candy Goblins from taking your candy? You take this biggest handful, and share it with everyone you love. Once your parents check the candy, make small piles out of the “good stuff”. And divide it among your friends and family. That way the goblins have no reason to go through your bucket.

So remember… Have fun.. collect lots of candy… and keep it away from goblins!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Chris Garrett is an award winning writer, artist, comic book creator and professional Barista from the State of Georgia. He loves telling stories of horror and suspense. His short stories and comic books have been sold in other countries including Japan and The UK. You can follow his misadventures on his official Facebook page.

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