EXCERPT: Love on All Hallows Eve by Martha Wickham

The cold fall air blew over Terra’s face and through her long, curly, black hair. It was the night before Halloween and Terra’s mind drifted away. She was on one of her late night strolls through the local graveyard. Sitting on a grassy mound she watched the blood moon turn slightly red. This part of Chicago was peaceful and restful. No city to disturb anyone.

Fall leaves blew and circled her a few times then left. Her black lips glistened as she smiled at the night. The reddish moon interested her and she wanted to know more. Why was Samhain so interesting? She didn’t know anything about it, but wanted to. She would start by studying the moon. The night was spent reading a book about it and the fall solstice. It was 1979 and little did she know Halloween had approached at midnight. Heading back home she began to feel alone. Going out at night made her feel lonely. Bride did not know anyone. Her new name was Johnston, but she was not married to that new monster she made long before he was destroyed for being evil. She reflected on her living time with him sometimes. She wanted to meet people. As the sun gave a hint of sunlight it was time to sleep at home and she wondered if Frankenstein would ever come back to claim her? Probably not.

On Halloween night Terra sat quietly in her room. Creepy cackling and bubbling could be heard, then footsteps. She went outside and saw nothing. The full moon lit the area well. Curiously she headed to the graveyard and sat on a large tombstone. Crickets chirped and fireflies flew, but that was all. It was time to go past the graveyard. Walking near a road she heard voices. Two young men were chatting and a little drunk because they were coming from a Halloween costume party. One was dressed as a vampire with teeth, dark slick hair, pale skin, and a dark cape. The other, his close friend, was Frankenstein. They looked very good. Tall and dark.

Bride approached them.

“It’s back that way,” Frankenstein said pointing in the direction of the party.

“I don’t need that info from you any more,” Terra said to what she thought was her ex. She walked over to the vampire and put her arm through his. “What part of this country are you from?”

“South of Chicago,” the vampire replied.

“I’m Terra. I’m the bride of Frankenstein, or was. Care to get a drink?” she asked the vampire.

“Why not.” The phony vampire’s teeth sparkled. He winked at Frankenstein. “I’m Dracula,” he said to her with a Transylvania accent. He looked so handsome in the dark. Terra didn’t look so bad herself.

“I’ll see ya later,” Dracula said to Frankenstein. They were off to have a romantic drink.

After the drink it was time to say goodnight. “Can we do it again some time?” she asked.

“Yes,” the vampire said. “I’ll come by and get you this Friday evening. We’ll have a candle lit dinner at my house.”

“That sounds lovely! Alright.”

He began walking her home. “Don’t hate my friend Frankenstein. He can be nice.”
“I know. I was engaged to him once. Didn’t know him well. You I’d like to get to know.” “I will see you then.” He kissed her on the cheek and left her sight.

“I’m going to go out with this girl again. I like her, but I drank too much last time,” Dracula said to Frankenstein with a stomach ache.

“Just don’t let her find out your not a vampire. Why does she believe we are monsters?”

“I don’t know. Good costumes,” he said shrugging.

“Watch her. I think she’s weird.”

“Pretty, but weird. She won’t find out. I’ll only come out at night,” the vampire swore. “How is it you’re not hung over?”

“I hold my liquor,” the green one answered and they both laughed.

“I need to prepare for our Friday dinner. Do you know where I can get a hearse and a coffin? And I want to shop at one of those Halloween stores. They are probably having clearance sales now.”

“I know a company. I’ll ask if we can borrow or rent,” Frankenstein said hatefully. “How long can this go on for?”

“I don’t know. When it gets tired I’ll wait until she loves me and cares for me too much to get mad. Then I’ll tell her.”

Martha has studied writing with Writer’s Digest and has an associates degree in Social Behavioral Science. She has also written poems and songs and even studied screenwriting and horror. She still practices writing and likes getting writing prompts. Her favorite author is V.C. Andrews.

The Mystery of Frankenstein’s Bride
When love takes a turn, what are you willing to do to keep it?

Terra’s love life is a monster so she sets out to see her old flame Nathaniel Johnston. But when she finds he is no longer living either, eternity is theirs. Bringing him back will get her a husband because of her passionate feelings for him.

Johnston is her new life, but when they are on their honeymoon in Germany things take a bad turn. The castle they stay in creates too much distance between the two.

Can she get closer to him before it’s too late?

Love On All Hallows Eve
On All Hallows Eve Terra meets Bobby. He pretends to be a real vampire to her and they start dating. When they find out, Bobby and his friend, she is the undead bride of Frankenstein they have a violent breakup. After when Terra is haunted she gets the help of psychic Rose. The hardest part is for Terra to let go of the machine that brought her and Frankenstein to life.

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