COVER REVEAL: Gregor Xane’s Son of Hanover Block

A young boy collapses on a playground. Surgeons carve out a giant tumor and half of his brain. Soon after, the boy’s father locks him in a secret prison for his own perverse amusement. Through physical and psychological torture, he plans to transform his son into a monster, but he creates something wolly unexpected.

A research psychiatrist is on the verge of publishing a strange and beautiful new book, a collection of artists’ renderings of the hallucinations of the clinically insane. Her book threatens to expose a terrible truth, and this truth will not set her free.

A mysterious infestation, intensely personal and deadly, is decimating communities across the nation. All that stands in its path is a ruthless government agency which may prove to be more lethal than the otherworldly parasites it aims to destroy.

The son is rising…

You can pick book 1 (The Hanover Block) and 2 (Brides of Hanover Block) of The Hanover Quartet up on Amazon.

Gregor Xane is the author of TABOOGASM, THE HANOVER QUARTET, and SIX DEAD SPOTS. His work has been featured in STUPEFYING STORIES, DEAD ROSES, and the popular Halloween anthology series, BAD APPLES. He lives in southwestern Ohio with a dog.

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