Halloween Extravaganza: Chris Garrett: VIDEO: Scary Movie Candy Corn: Chris’ Top 5 to Watch During the Witching Season

I was first introduced to Chris Garrett’s work a couple of years ago when I read his The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol 1-3 and not only found a super talented guy (both artistically and verbally) but also found someone I am proud to call my friend. Since then, he’s done some comic books, chap books, and drawn some awful good pictures, one of which I have purchased to hang in my office.

When he asked me if he could make a video for this, well, how could I refuse?

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol 1-3

2004 was a stupid year for me. At the time there wasn’t a lot of publishing options for independent writers. Major publishers had a requirements and deadlines for new entries and were very limited to the writers they brought in. Self publishers during that period weren’t offering any free tools for publishing and the starting price was around $500. I was only a senior in high school and already decided that sharing my writing with the world was going to cost me a fortune. So I buried the idea. NOW I’m older, fatter, and just a little bit smarter. I’m glad I waited because there was so much more for me to write. And I stand before you today with 3 volumes of some of my most beloved memories, sticky situations, and just pure anger ventilation. It calmed my nerves to write how I felt and felt better in the long run because of that. And not only are there 3 volumes but heard them into one book like cattle and call it a collection!!!!

The Finleys #1

Cursed to live in chum buckets, The Finleys are a rare breed of half sharks that live among human society (because half a shark can’t swim!) Follow their “tails” in the strange and mysterious town of BERMUDA!!

The Finleys #2

Join the Finley Family as they make their “wave” through the world. It is summer and the Bucket Sharks are officially on vacation. But where to? And why? find out in Issue 2!!

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