Halloween Extravaganza: The Price Girls: STORY: A Letter from the Damned

I found this to be a very cute idea, almost as if you were calling a customer service number. It is part of a fiction series of letters that The Price Girls will be posting on their website once it is up and running. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Are you a recently departed soul who has no idea which way to go? A wayward son, tired of traveling down the long and narrow path? Do you think the Stairway to Heaven has too many steps? Then step on down to Hell! I can get you there fast, just ride the elevator.

Take this questionnaire to find your place in one of the eight residential neighborhoods of hell. If you come to a floor you feel you fit best in just press the button and step off. Someone will be there to greet you. }:)

Press 1: Limbo
1.) Are You a Natural Born Heathen?
2.) Does the Idea of Church Give You the Chills?
3.) Is Your Favorite Shape a Star?

Press 2: Lust
1.) Do You Now or Have Ever Wanted Jessie’s Girl?
2.) Were You In Love with Stacy’s Mom?
3.) Ever Been Hungry Like the Wolf?

Press 3: Gluttony
1.) Ever Eaten at a Buffet?
2.) Are Your Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach?
3.) Are You a Glutton for Punishment?

Press 4: Greed
1.) In life, Were You Considered a Bit of a Scrooge?
2.) Ever Cheated at Monopoly?
3.) Have You Ever Tried to Buy a Stairway to Heaven?

Press 5: Anger
1.) Big Listener to Alanis Morissette?
2.) Identify Yourself with the Show Anger Management?
3.) Were You a Former Participant in Road Rage?

Press 6: Heresy
1.) Feel Like You Were Born to Raise Hell?
2.) Do You Find Blasphemy a Blast?
3.) Are You One to Always Try Your Damnedest?

Press 7: Violence
1.) Ever Been Prone to Sadistic or Masochistic Tendencies?
2.) The Neighbor’s Dog Lead You to Kill People?
3.) Ever Put the V in Vendetta?

Press 8: Fraud
1.) Pyramid-schemes Your Thing?
2.) Ever Used a Filter When Taking a Selfie?
3.) On a Dating Site, Have You Ever Used a Picture of Yourself that You Took 20 Years Ago?

Press 9: Treachery
1.) Et Tu, Brute?
2.) Have You Ever Thrown Someone Under the Bus?
3.) Sell Anyone Down The River?

Fit into more than one category? I’ll get you sorted out. Just ride the elevator all the way down. (I will be waiting for you on the basement level.)

Your Friend,

Marité, Sheníe, and Taís Price are three sisters who write under the collective name Price Girls. The three of them have escaped a small—always hot—western town in Texas to live in the mossy—seems like it is always raining—urban city of Olympia, Washington. Together, they are living out their dream of residing in the Pacific Northwest in a home filled with three generations of women, cats, dogs, ducks, and chickens. Currently, they are hard at work writing during the day and conjuring scary ideas during the night.

The Merging of Shadows 1: The Merging of Shadows

Sixteen-year-old Marimar Utterson has just found herself living in a small southern town’s notoriously haunted house when she meets Sage Sterling. A handsome hazel-green eyed boy who is not only captivated by Marimar’s petite beauty and fiery disposition, but by her home’s mysterious past. Unfortunately, his fascination with her house turns perilous when he manages to infuriate the spirit who in turn lashes out against Marimar.

Together, they must set off to uncover the spirit’s dark secret in hopes of finally laying it to rest. For with each encounter the malicious presence diminishes Marimar’s grasp on her sanity and odds of survival.

The Merging of Shadows 2: The Darkness That Lies Inside

After undergoing battle with her dead roommate and reclaiming her house, Marimar attempts to go back to life as normal. But darkness has a way of creeping back in and as the darkness spreads so does the chaos. Sage begins to keep secrets, her once loving baby sister is beginning to change and grow distant, and everything Marimar thought she knew to be true was wrong. Danger is once again lurking at every corner and if she is to stop it from spreading any further a sacrifice must be made.Cornered and alone, Marimar must choose to either embrace the light- fulfilling the role she was predestined to take, risking the loss of the one she holds most dear-or be swallowed by the darkness.

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