GUEST POST: Halloween FUN for Kids with Sylvie Gionet

Here we are with author Sylvie again, this time with a few Halloween word searches she created for the kids in the group (or the adults in the group that have kids).

Sylvie Gionet is a writer of fiction and an accomplished photographer. A Halloween Adventure with Jack and Ony Lantern is her first children’s book. If you like a dark folktale but a pleasant story, then you will enjoy Jack and Ony’s mystical journey.

A Halloween Adventure with Jack & Ony Lantern (ebook, paperback)
A Halloween Adventure: Special Edition with World Maps & Illustrations

A Halloween Adventure with Jack & Ony Lantern
Halloween-land needs help!

Someone is creeping into the factories at night where they make the delicious Halloween treats and destroying the ingredients.

Luckily for the magical inhabitants of Halloween-land, Ony and Jack Lantern are Halloween fanatics, and when a young witch named Casey arrives on Earth one night to ask for their help, they know they will be the perfect superheroes for the adventure.

Put your Halloween costume on, grab a Halloween treat, and get ready for a ride to a land filled with Halloween madness!

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